First, Discover the Possibilities

This is my second post in the series of posts on how to keep worries out of our minds.

As a business consultant, to solve a business problem I execute the below six steps:

1) Define the problem in all possible ways.
2) Consider all possible causes in the world contributing to the problem.
3) Based on expertise, eliminate unlikely possible causes.
4) Gather and analyze data on each of the remaining possible cause to uncover real causes.
5) Consider all possible solutions in the world to fix the real problem causes.
6) Choose a solution and implement it.

Obviously, as you would have guessed it correctly, the same problem solving process is followed by not only Business Consultants but also Lawyers, Doctors, etc. The same process is applicable for solving problems of any nature in life, too. The skills involved in this process are the ability to:

1) generate all possibilities (for problem definition, causes and solutions)
2) analyze the possibilities
3) action (implement)

Among these three skills, I have found that the ability to generate possibilities had been of greatest use. When I am faced with a problem, before worry consumes my mind I challenge myself to write down at least ten possible:

1) alternate definitions of the problem
2) causes to the problem
3) solutions to the problem

No sooner this exercise completes than it relieves me, because I get an understanding of both the problem and its possible solutions. Instead of thinking about the problem, on occasions when I worried, feared and hated the problem, I accomplished nothing but loss of sleep and nervousness. At times the problem deteriorated further.

The generation of alternatives is a creative process that requires enhanced perception of self abilities, problem domain and solution domain and a lot of will. The possibilities have to be generated for the heck of generating them keeping a hold on judgments (as is the case in a good brainstorming session) . I will write about my knowledge on the generation of alternatives in future posts.

Selection of a particular solution is an analytical process, and wise men say, “Action” is the most important word in English language.

Please share your thoughts and keep visiting.

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3 Responses to First, Discover the Possibilities

  1. Aditi says:

    Love this post. Looking forward to read your future post on generation of possible solutions to a problem. Aditi

  2. Suresh, this is good stuff. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate you stopping by my blog as well.

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